2021 Income Tax Assistance Pre-Appointment Forms Packet

Last updated on January 17, 2022.

AARP Foundation Tax-Aide volunteer Income Tax Assistance continues February 7 - April 4, 2022. Tax assistance service is available and intended for senior citizens and low-income taxpayers of ALL AGES.

Appointments are required; call 618-664-1465 during Senior Center hours 9am-2pm. Once you have made an appointment, you will need to complete and sign several documents before your appointment date. See below.

AARP Foundation TaxAide Volunteers can complete returns with the following forms: W2, Social Security, 1099-R, 1099-INT, 1099-DIV, 1099-MISC, and a few other simple types. Volunteers can no longer complete returns with Form SE (rental property) with expenses; now taxes and other expenses related to rental income can be reported by TaxAide only as itemized deductions. Taxpayers reporting rental income who wish to subtract expenses will be better served by seeing a paid preparer.

Forms to Download & Complete Before Your Appointment

The following list contains documents that provide important information about our IRS-approved Tax Preparation methods and forms that you must complete before we can prepare your 2021 tax return. We strongly recommend you download and complete the following packet of pre-appointment tax materials. Paper copies will also be available at the Center for you to pick up in advance of your appointment.

The form packet contains both DOCX and PDF file formats and is packaged in a compressed zip file. 4.8MB

Or Download Packet Forms Individually

These forms are in a combination of DOCX format and PDF format. Some forms are fillable PDF files. Click each link to open and print (or download) the form.

Several of the following forms are REQUIRED before we can accept your tax documents:

1 Online Packet Contents List – Please note that SOME items are REQUIRED and some should be used only if they apply to your specific taxpayer situation.

2 2022 COVID Notice for Onsite Service - REQUIRED READING

3 How Your Return Will Be Prepared - REQUIRED READING, Explains the process the Tax-Aide volunteers will follow to prepare your return.

4 Explanation of IRS Form 14446 - REQUIRED READING, This document will prepare you to complete Form 1446, which indicates your understanding of the Tax-Aide requirements.

5 BONDCo Dropoff Form 1446 - REQUIRED COMPLETION, Must be completed signed as indicated by taxpayer (and spouse if Married Filing Jointly). See #4 for explanation.

6 TY21 Tax-Aide Intake Booklet (Form 13614-C) - REQUIRED COMPLETION, This form can be filled before printing.

7 Documents We Need - REQUIRED READING, Please review list of 36 items carefully to ensure that you bring with you ALL the materials that will be required for volunteers to prepare your tax return. Please be sure to bring BOTH your 2019 and 2020 tax return packets with you to your drop-off appointment.

8 TAX DOCUMENTS – DocumentsInventoryFederalAndIllinois - REQUIRED COMPLETION, Please fill out both Federal and Illinois inventory checklists.

9 2021 Self-Employed Sch C Worksheet OPTIONAL — Please complete if needed, to be used if you have income from a small business you own or from a “side” job.

10 2021 Self-Employed COVID Worksheet OPTIONAL — Please complete if needed, to be used if you lost self-employment income due to COVID.

11 2021 Itemized Deductions Worksheet OPTIONAL — Please complete if needed, to be used if you plan to itemize. Note that most Tax-Aide clients find the standard deduction to be better than itemizing.

12 2021 Education Credits Worksheet OPTIONAL — Please complete if needed, to be used to get credit for a full-time college student’s expenses or part-time adult education expenses.

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