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We are proud to offer a method of online payment for donations. Bond County Senior Center accepts PayPal for services, programs and our latest capital campaign building fund. (Updated 31 Aug 2013)

Welcome to the website of Bond County Senior Center.

Whether your reason for visiting is to find available services, to discover what the Center is about, to locate our facility, to connect to useful links, or simply to put a face to a name, we hope you will find our site helpful. Please contact us personally for individualized assistance and answers to your questions. You will find our staff is dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives of our clients and their families.

We support positive aging for Bond County residents (of all ages!).

We are moving to a new building on a new site to better provide our services.

Use the links on the right hand side to see what we've been up to.

Use the links along the top of the page for current lunch menus, services, and schedules.

Here are just some of the services we offer!

Nutrition Programs:
Congregate meals served in the dining room at the center Monday - Friday at 11:30 am.
Home delivered meals delivered to homebound seniors or disabled Monday - Friday for residents of Bond County.
Food Pantry now located at 1001 East Harris Avenue (Use Washington Avenue entrance behind new addition of our building). Open Mondays & Thursdays from 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm.
White Crane Catering box lunches on Wednesdays from October - May. Contact center for more information / ordering.

Insurance Counseling:
Senior Health Insurance Program
Medicare Supplement enrollment
Medicare Savings Program
Medicare claims & appeals
Beneficiary Rights

Pharmaceutical Assistance:
Social Security Low Income Subsidy (Extra Help)
Medicare Part D

Energy Assistance: Warm Neighbors / Cool Friends energy assistance program. Call the center to schedule an appointment. And CLICK HERE to learn more.

VITA: Volunteer Income Tax Assistance February - April each year. Tax assistance is available to all households regardless of age with combined incomes of $52,000 or less, in 2013. Appointments needed.

Veteran's Administration: 2nd & 4th Wednesday of each month

Land of Lincoln Legal Assistance: 3rd Tuesday of each month. Call the center to schedule an appointment

Upcoming Events Schedule:

Tuesdays & Thursdays in November - WAIT WALKERS
A free walking club for those age 50 and older, will be held on Tuesdays & Thursdays at 8:00 am.

Wednesdays in November - STRONG FOR LIFE
A free easy exercise class designed to improve strength, function and balance in older adults with or without limitations, will be held every Wednesday from 10:00 am - 10:30 am.

Thursday, November 6 - 10:00 a.m to 11:00 a.m.
Bingo for Seniors (60 & Older) at Bond Co. Senior Center (1001 East Harris Ave). Sponsored by First National Bank

Thursday, December 4 - 10:00 a.m to 11:00 a.m.
Bingo for Seniors (60 & Older) at Bond Co. Senior Center (1001 East Harris Ave). Sponsored by First National Bank

We have moved on September 23rd!

to 1001 East Harris Avenue, Greenville.

Watch the marquee sign at our new location for more announcements and be sure to...
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Your County, Your Center Capital Campaign in progress!Your County, Your Center Capital Campaign in progress!

Groundbreaking Photo Credit Greenville Chamber Of Commerce, June 2014.

"Your County, Your Center"

Bond County Senior Center broke ground Thursday, June 5 for the Frank and Susan Watson Community Building. Fundraising for the project began last fall. Work on the addition began on Friday, June 6. And now we are serving lunch in our new dining room and hosting the food pantry from the rear of the new wing!

This addition doubles the space for services and activities, including a full kitchen, large dining room, and food pantry collection/distribution center. The capital campaign has steadily drawn closer to the goal of $650,000. You can donate to the Bond County Senior Center Capital Campaign any time. Contributions can be sent to our location at 1001 East Harris Avenue in Greenville, Illinois. For more information, call the Center at 664-1465. We've supported positive aging for Bond County residents (of all ages!) since 1976 and we need your help now.

Below is a photo of the completed addition (on the right) taken November 3, 2014!

Community Building Addition Progress July 31, 2014


Aviation History Month

November is Aviation History Month

A celebration article by Gerry Wingenbach of flyertalk.com

Apparently we've been taking aviation for granted and we need a month dedicated to its history. They say it's "an indispensable part of modern transportation" but "attracts less popular attention today" than at any time during the last 100-and-more years. Enter The Charles A. and Anne Morrow Lindbergh Foundation, whose offices sit in the foreground of Seattle sunsets over Bainbridge Island. They've posted an Aviation History Timeline. It's worth considering.

To the Lindbergh Foundation, aviation began in 1783 when the French-born Montgolfier brothers built the first lighter-than-air balloon and sent brother Étienne (the youngest of 15 siblings) up for a ride. "Get in a supply of taffeta cloth and of cordage, quickly, and you will see one of the most astonishing sights in the world," big brother Joseph told Étienne. Where would the world be without little brothers for test pilots? So on June 4, 1783, the Montgolfier brothers flew their balloon at its first public demonstration. The flight lasted 10 minutes while tethered around 6,000 feet. Not bad.

By 1900, the German Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin was flying a dirigible airship (long and cylindrical in shape, with a rigid framework). By 1910, Zeppelins were commercial aircraft. But in WWI, Zeppelins were used as bombers and scouts. After the war, they were in daily service between Berlin and Munich. But the heydays for Zeppelins were the 1930s, when the airships Graf Zeppelin and Hindenburg operated regular transatlantic flights from Germany to North America and Brazil. (The art deco spire of the Empire State Building was designed to serve as a mooring mast for airships.) But then there was that Hindenburg disaster in 1937 along with the rise of fixed-wing aircraft.
Wright Bros first successful flight 1903
So let's get back to 1903 when Orville and Wilbur Wright flew the first successful self-propelled airplane. Things started to happen quickly. By 1909, Louis Bleriot crossed the English Channel. Raymonde de Laroche became the first licensed female pilot in 1913. Salim Ilkucan crossed the Sea of Marmara, Turkey, in 1918 achieving the longest over-sea flight. In 1920, the United States Post Office established airmail service. Bessie Coleman became the first licensed African-American aviator in the world in 1922.

In 1924, Charles Lindbergh bought his first plane (a war-surplus Curtiss Jenny), went barnstorming and enlisted as a U.S. Army Flying cadet. In 1926, the first flight around the world happened while Lindbergh made his first Chicago-to-St. Louis airmail flight. Then came the feds. In 1927, the Air Commerce Act made the first federal attempt to set safety regulations for civil aeronautics and required the registration and of pilots and planes. And back came Lindbergh. In 1928, he made the first solo, nonstop transatlantic flight. Three years later, his wife Anne Morrow Lindbergh became the first licensed female glider pilot in the United States.

In 1933, Amelia Earhart became the first female pilot to cross the Atlantic Ocean. In that same year, Boeing built the first of 75 Boeing 247s, an all-metal, twin-engine airplane that was the first modern passenger airliner. It took the 247 "20 hours, with seven stops, to fly between New York and Los Angeles" at 189 mph. Some were still flying in the late 1960s.

After WWII, the sky got a lot busier. Technologies such as long-range missiles, computer systems, electronic controls, combustion chemistry and new composite structures were used by the aerospace industry. In 1953, Chuck Yeager broke the sound barrier.

By 1959, we're talking space travel and the first American satellite to be placed in orbit, "Explorer 1", is launched. Alan Shepard, in 1966, became the first American in space. Neil Armstrong walked on the moon and (kind of childlike and weirdly sweet) Buzz Aldrin hit a golf ball. In 1972, a Boeing 747 made its first commercial flight from New York to London. In 1974, NASA announced the shuttle program. And in 1976, Charles Lindbergh died in Maui and was buried at Kipahulu. In 1977, the Concorde took off. The 1980s and 1990s are best known for Space Shuttle flights.

Visit the National Aviation Hall of Fame in Dayton, Ohio.

Read more at The Aviation History Online Museum.

Bond County Senior Center partners with the Energy Assistance Foundation to provide energy assistance through Warm Neighbors, Cool Friends.

If you or someone you know is:
--62 or older     or     --Disabled     or     --Has a crisis

--are an Ameren customer     --have a bill less than $750.00     --have not received help from LIHEAP (BCMW) in the last 12 months

Call us to see if you qualify. It is a matching program that allows us to match a payment the customer makes up to $350.00, even if it leaves a credit on the clients account for next month. The income guidelines are set so that if you make a little too much to qualify for LIHEAP you will qualify for this program!

March for Meals logo

Support our BAKELESS Bake Sale!

Send a $$ donation to:
Pledge to End Senior Hunger by 2020Bond County Senior Center
1001 East Harris Avenue
Greenville, IL 62246

Bond County Senior Citizens Center provides meals to homebound seniors & seniors who congregate at the center. These seniors are your neighbors, friends, teachers, parents and grandparents. We seek to get the word out & raise money for these nutritional programs. Won't you consider volunteering to help deliver meals or taking the pledge to end senior hunger by 2020?







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Important Notifications

Sept. 30, 2014 - Food Pantry Opening This Week In New Location
Although work continues on the Frank and Susan Watson Community Building at the Bond County Senior Center, the food pantry is expected to open this Thursday (Oct. 2) in its new location. The food pantry is located on the north side of the new community building section. Food pantry patrons may park on Washington Avenue and enter from the southwest door. Food pantry hours are Monday and Thursday from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.

May 8, 2014 - Job Openings: Full Time & Part Time Drivers Needed at Bond County Transit.
     Looking for full and part time drivers to provide safe and efficient transportation services in and around Bond County. Drivers are required to have or be able to obtain a Class C CDL license with Passenger Endorsement. Knowledge of the area very helpful. Services based on customer demand, therefore, hours are approximate and not guaranteed. All drivers are required to go through a paid training period.
     BCT is an equal opportunity employer and a drug free workplace. All employees are subject to drug & alcohol testing, including pre-employment. Benefits available, including vacation, sick and insurance, dependent on eligibility.
     Please pick up an application at Bond County Transit, 102 W. Bowman, Greenville, IL 62246

March 31, 2014 - We have several new things starting at the Bond County Senior Citizens Center in April!
Starting April 8 - WAIT WALKERS - a free walking club for those age 50 and older, will be held on Tuesdays & Thursdays at 8:00 am.
Starting April 9 - STRONG FOR LIFE - a free easy exercise class designed to improve strength, function and balance in older adults with or without limitations, will be held every Wednesday from 10:00 am - 10:30 am.
Beginning Wednesday, April 9 - Chronic Disease Self-Management Class - Classes will take place at 10:30 a.m. in the dining room and taught as a 6 week course. For questions, please contact Katie Richards at 618-465-3298 x109.

March 3, 2014 - White Crane Lunches Are Back!!
White Crane Business Express offers Sandwichs and Salads on Wednesdays. Click Here to find the monthly menu offerings!

October 31, 2013 - Senior Center Launches 'Your County, Your Center' Capital Campaign. Plans for an expansion project were announced at a special breakfast today. Bond County Senior Center launched a campaign to raise funds for a 3,200 sq ft addition to its new location. The addition will be named for Senator Frank Watson and his wife, Susan, in honor of the work done by the couple to support the community as a whole, and the work of the Center in particular. The future addition will house a dining room, kitchen, and food pantry. When the new addition is complete, the space now used for dining will be converted for meetings and general community use. The campaign's goal is $650,000. Those interested in contributing to the campaign should contact the Center at 664-1465. CLICK HERE to read the full article from the WGEL 101.7FM Daily News.

August 31, 2013 - Guess who's moving! We are! By mid-September 2013, Bond County Senior Citizens Center will have moved into its new home at 1001 East Harris Avenue in Greenville - the Mt Zion Temple building. Lunch dining; social recreation activities; various health, financial, legal, etc services; and regular group meetings will all relocate with little or no interruption. The Food Pantry, however, will operate for a time at a separate location: 1445 S. State Highway 127 (on the corner of Rt. 127 and Bowman Industrial Drive) right behind Greenville Flower Shoppe. Parking is available behind the building. CLICK HERE to read the full article from the Greenville Advocate Newspaper July 11, 2013 edition.

March 12, 2013
Bond County Senior Center is now part of FACEBOOK! CLICK HERE to visit our new Facebook page and "LIKE" it. Stay up to date with all of our services and activities. Share with your families and friends as we support positive aging for Bond County residents of ALL ages!

November 30, 2012
White Crane Business Express Box Lunches are available on Wednesdays and may be eaten in our dining room, picked up, or delivered by a BCSC volunteer. CLICK HERE to read more about White Crane Lunches!

May 5, 2012
Bond County Senior Center has recently received a grant from the Banfield Charitable Trust to purchase pet food for our Meals on Wheels Clients with dogs and cats! More information will be posted when the program here is underway. For now, read more about the Banfield Charitable Trust and how you can donate and help fund expenses associated with starting or maintaining a pet food distribution program.

January 8, 2010
Watch this video and Read this press release. Extra Help with Medicare Prescription Drug Plan Costs

In the News

Greenville Garden Club Donates to Senior Center
The Greenville Garden Club has a plant sale each spring. This year's sale was very successful. You might say it was bigger than a field of Kansas sunflowers. Proceeds from that sale allowed the Garden Club to make a $1,000 donation for landscaping at the Senior Center and the new Frank and Susan Watson Community Building. Anna Oestreich, Senior Center Director, said the plan is to replace the existing landscaping with something new that will create a seamless, unity between the two sections. [story courtesy Greenville Chamber of Commerce]

Bond County Senior Center broke ground Thursday, June 5, 2014 for the Frank and Susan Watson Community Building! Fundraising for the project began last fall. Work on the addition was slated to begin on Friday, June 6. When completed, the addition will double the space for services and activities. A walk-through food pantry, dining/activity room, and kitchen will be located.in the addition. Click to read the full story from the Greenville Chamber of Commerce Sun Newsletter issue June 6, 2014. [photos and story courtesy Greenville Chamber of Commerce]

Surprise Valentines for Seniors. Valentines from Texas, California, Massachusetts, and New York trickled and then poured into Bond County Senior Center in the days leading up to Valentine's Day. Read the entire mysterious story here...

Greenville College Football Team holds Pantry Food Drive. Click to see photo from page 12 of Greenville Advocate newspaper issue September 10, 2013.

Bond County Transit Held a ribbon cutting ceremony July 12, 2013 for its new facility located at 102 Bowman Industrial Drive, Greenville Illinois. Click to see photos from the ribbon cutting and also a Time-Lapse Slideshow of the construction!

Bond County Transit broke ground for its new facility in an important ceremony November 1, 2012. The project is sponsored by IDOT and USDOT. The ceremony was attended by many members of the Bond County Senior Center Board, City and County Leaders, BCT customers and members of the Greenville Chamber of Commerce. Click to see photos from the groundbreaking ceremony.

Bond County Food Pantry helped by end of school year Junior High food project. Click to see photo from page 2 of Greenville Advocate newspaper issue May 29, 2012.

Illinois Farm Bureau Young Leaders of Bond County make donation to Bond County Senior Center Food Pantry. Photo and cover page article appears in February 2012 issue of Agriculture Advocate, a news publication for multi-counties of Illinois Farm Beureau.

Community Service Award
Bond County Senior Center honored by Greenville Women's Club in October 2011 for Community Service.

Funding Cuts Jeopardize Services
Bond County Senior Citizen's Center Life Saver Capital Campaign for the Endowment Fund

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A new "twist" in the law makes it easier to save on your prescription drug costs.